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If you believe in and support female leadership, you are our people. If we can answer any questions or if you have an idea or proposal for us, we are always interested in collaborating with like-minded fellow leaders and innovators. 

Supporting Female Leadership, Providing Resources, and Advancing Careers

Our volunteers play an integral role in the success of WLS each year.  We cannot adequately express our thanks for their tireless efforts to pitch in and help out with both simple and more involved tasks.  If you’re interested in participating as a member of our Venus Squad, please let us know.

Venus Squad

The Ellevate Mars Squad was created as a way for our male counterparts to support our mission through an annual membership that helps fund WLS and speaks volumes about the caliber of fellow leaders we have the honor of serving alongside. By joining our Mars Squad, you're telling the world that you believe in and support female leadership and you're helping us to nurture and train up the female leaders of today as well as tomorrow!

It's easy to join, and money very well spent. So if you're a male leader, please consider contributing $250 to join our annual Mars Squad (and then get a friend or two to do the same)! As a token of our appreciation, you'll receive a specially curated thank you gift, Mars Squad recognition at WLS, and most importantly, the personal satisfaction of knowing that you're doing a good thing!

Mars Squad 

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